Awards Maker 400

On-the-spot student recognition has never been easier! The Awards Maker allows you to create customized award plaques, trophy plates, bumper stickers, flashcards, nametags, decals, parking permits, general stickers, and much more in seconds. A cost-effective solution for schools, this system eliminates the time and cost of outsourcing.

With more than 750 customizable award and sticker templates in the VariQuest Software, the Awards Maker helps create a motivational environment for students, teachers, and staff.

Schools use Awards Maker 400 to...

  • Reinforce academic achievement and positive student behavior with custom award plaques and stickers
  • Help students retain key lessons on their own or in a group with customized flashcards
  • Assist in fundraising by creating and selling customized bumper stickers, award plaques, custom stickers for phone and tablet cases, decals, and more, raising funds and school spirit!
  • Save money on creating award plaques in-house rather than outsourcing
  • Create labels to mark areas of the school and provide organization


Designed for You & By You

Choose from more than 750 pre-made, customizable templates to save time, or let out your inner artist and design your own from scratch!

On the Spot Recognition

At a print speed of 3″ per second with no dry time, spend more time recognizing students and less time printing.

Save, Raise, & Make Money

Prepare to save by bringing your awards in-house versus outsourcing, an average $4 savings per award. Join schools nationwide by implementing your Awards Maker in your student school store. Recoup the cost of your machine by selling output such as bumper stickers, awards, decals, etc.

Import Class Lists

Creating awards for the entire class? Making hundreds of parking permits? Easily import name and number lists instead of manually entering each name and/or number.

Wide Array of Supply

Sticker media and ribbons are available in 11 vibrant colors, in 3” and 4” widths, and in various adhesion types for the versatility you need.