Cold Laminator 2510

Make posters, banners, and cutouts last longer with the easy-to-use VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510. It requires no electricity and saves space and time with easy paper loading and output hooks that automatically roll laminated posters and banners. It can laminate:

Posters up to 25” wide
12” x 18” Construction paper
9” x 12” Construction paper

Schools use Cold Laminator 2510 to...

  • Add longevity to your posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives and more by protecting and preserving them for continued use year after year
  • Laminate safely without heat and fumes
  • Create laminated posters to use with dry erase markers in small group activities
  • Laminate construction paper before creating cutouts, eliminating the need to cut them twice


Safety First

Unlike traditional school laminators, there is no need to warm up or cool down the laminator, as it requires no heat or electricity. Laminate safely knowing no harmful fumes are emitted.

Preserve Your Materials

Expect durable, longer-lasting materials that laminate in seconds at the crank of the handle.

Automatic Rolling

Use the output hooks to automatically roll your laminated posters and banners as they come out so you don’t have to.