Cutout Maker 1800

A revolutionary, digital die-cut system created specifically for schools, the Cutout Maker will help you bring lessons to life with automatically-cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections.

To enhance your classroom activities even more, access additional content options with a Premium Access CD (PACD) or with learning modules created specifically to align with both state and common core standards.

Schools use Cutout Maker 1800 to...

  • Save staff time by quickly and easily creating manipulatives, cutouts, and bulletin board displays for a hands-on, interactive learning experience
  • Engage visual and kinesthetic learners with manipulatives and cutouts
  • Illustrate complex concepts with engaging cutout collections to raise student success
  • Create word walls with words formed by automatically connected letters
  • Save money with the versatility and scalability of the electronic die-cuts
  • Eliminate the need to re-cut laminated cutouts; instead, laminate a sheet of construction paper and electronically cut the laminated paper into your desired shapes


Simplify Complex Concepts

Illustrate complex concepts with colorful and visually stimulating bulletin board displays.

Connect Letters

Create word walls with word cutouts formed by automatically connected letters.

Save Time

Save time on lesson preparations by eliminating the need to hand-cut or use a manual die-cut machine.

All Shapes and Sizes

Unlike other school die-cutting machines, the Cutout Maker features electronic dies that are scalable. Most electronic dies can range in size from 1” to 18”.

Cut Many Materials

With Cutout Maker 1800, you’re not limited to cutting just construction paper. Cut magnet material, vinyl sheets, cardstock, and laminated paper.

Display Student Work

Easily display student work with intricate and thematic shapes and titles.