Design Center 2300 & Software

The central hub for all VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Design Center 2300 and its pre-loaded software provide easy access to more than 2,000 curriculum-based poster, award and flashcard templates as well as 5,000 graphics, saving schools the time and resources associated with the creation of handmade or outsourced materials.

Created with educators, students, and parents in mind, the Design Center 2300 and VariQuest Software will help increase academic achievement, boost productivity and transform your school.

Schools use Design Center 2300 & Software to...

  • Design posters, banners, awards, flashcards, and more using the software’s 2,000 customizable and curriculum-enriching templates and 5,000 graphics using the pre-installed VariQuest Software
  • Personalize templates with school’s mascots and logos or other graphics outside of the software by simply uploading images


Easy-to-use Workstation

Minimize setup and training with an easy-to-use touchscreen workstation, preloaded with all the necessary utilities and drivers so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Save Time

Spend less time on lesson prep and more time on instruction with the software’s premade templates.

Differentiate Instruction

Differentiate instruction and improve academic achievement for students with special needs.


Easily customize templates with your own images, school mascot, logo, and more.

Support Achievement

Support student achievement and retention with customized instructional supports that transform classrooms into print-rich and engaging learning environments.

Touchscreen Technology

Bring the power of touch to your workroom and boost productivity using the latest touchscreen technology.