TrifectaTM 800 & STEM:IT


While other printers are made to appeal to a wide variety of markets, the focus of Trifecta™ 800 3D Printer is exclusively on enhancing K-12 students’ education. Curious learners will love the open design for better viewing during prints, educators will appreciate the printer’s light weight and small footprint for ease in moving from desk to desk, and environmentalists will admire the filament’s biodegradable properties.


In the STEM:IT curriculum, educators can explore K-12 project-based lessons comprised of STEM, coding, 3D design, and interdisciplinary concepts. Lessons and challenges are aligned to national and state standards. Each lesson contains Teacher Resources that include poster templates, 3D print files, and step-by-step guides with rationales.

Schools use Trifecta 800 & STEM:IT to...

  • Differentiate instruction by providing another means of acquiring, processing, constructing content and ideas in a digital and physical capacity
  • Address the needs of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners by walking through printing a three-dimensional object and relating it to its STEM:IT lesson
  • Engage students with whole-brain experiences that combine left-brained analysis tasks with right-brained visual perception learning
  • Amplify the value of makerspaces by connecting curiosity with curriculum
  • Instill real-world critical thinking and innovative problem solving while incorporating 21st century skills



Trifecta’s quick setup and easy-to-use Trifecta™ Software make printing a cinch—no previous 3D printing background necessary!

Massive Build Volume

Create large prints (nearly 6.5″ x 9″ x 9″) with a petite printer that can easily be carried from room to room.

Build Student Engagement

Unlike enclosed printers, observers get an unobstructed 270° and bird’s eye view, building engagement among students.


Operating at extremely low decibels, Trifecta is one of the quietest printers in the market.

LCD Screen

The graphic display conveniently shows the elapsed time and percentage completion, as well as the file name and print temperature.

Simple Software

Using Trifecta™ Software, easily modify your print settings without the frustration of a complicated program.